What are CanyonPoints?

CanyonPoints is a loyalty system for CanyonStore customers. CanyonPoints are awarded in several ways, for example by placing an order, reviewing a product, sharing a post on social media, participating in an event, etc. The received CanyonPoints can then be exchanged for discount coupons, that can be used for your next order.

Throughout time the number of awarded CanyonPoints can vary. We can promote certain categories of products, so that you earn more points when you buy a certain product at a certain time. The best way to stay informed is by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on Facebook.

Currently you can earn canyoning points as follows:

  • Reviewing a product (that you have bought obviously ;-)): 150 CanyonPoints
  • Placing your first order (new customer): 50 CanyonPoints
  • Surviving another trip around the sun (happy birthday): 100 CanyonPoints
  • Buying a product, except books: 3 CanyonPoints per euro (excl VAT)
  • Buying books: 1 CanyonPoint per euro (excl VAT)

500 CanyonPoints result in a 5 euro discount coupon (excl VAT). CanyonPoints are automatically collected and exchanged automatically for a 5 euro discount coupon (excl VAT, 6.05 euro incl VAT) each time you reach a 500 points mark. A mail is sent out to our clients when they get a new coupon, and a reminder is sent out when the coupons are about to expire.
And do not worry if you lose your mail: your discount coupons are safely stored on our server!

CanyonPoints are awarded for completed orders, and can then be used for subsequent orders. CanyonPoints are attributed to orders placed on or after 13th April 2019.