Can you guarantee delivery by a certain date?

No, we cannot. It is impossible to give a hard guarantee that a package will arrive on or before a certain date. There are so many things which we cannot control between our warehouse and the destination. Our warehouse staff hands over the package to the courier service, but the courier service may hand it over to another service. Perhaps your package has to cross a country border, or maybe even pass customs.

Orders which are placed before 2 PM CET (Central European Time) are handled and shipped with BPost the same day. The conditions which apply are that all articles must be in stock (see the FAQ on Backordered items) and that the order is paid electronically.  We cannot guarantee same day shipments on orders which arrive after 2 PM (CET). Orders are treated on business days (i.e., Monday to Friday, except public holidays). Orders which arrive on a public holiday or in the weekend are handled the next business day.

We can tell when a package gets shipped, but we cannot guarantee when it will arrive.

Do I have to sign for my package?

Yes. Our packages are always shipped with insurance, and insurance requires a proof of delivery, i.e. a signature of the recipient.

What does this mean for you, the customer? It depends from country to country, but in most cases the package is offered twice or three times to the recipient. If nobody is there to receive (and sign for) the package then it usually gets transferred to a collection point nearby (e.g. a post office or something similar).

This also means that in most cases it is not possible to “drop off the package on the porch” or “leave it behind the garage”.

Do you refund the return costs?

No, we do not. The terms and conditions clearly state that the cost of returning items is borne by the customer. This is also detailed in our FAQ about the return policy.

However, if you have paid with Paypal then you can ask a refund of the shipping costs from Paypal. See for the exact terms and conditions. This is a service offered by Paypal (not The Canyon Store!), and only valid for orders paid with Paypal. Again, this service is offered by Paypal (not The Canyon Store) and you should contact them for the exact details.


What will be the impact of #Brexit on orders shipped to the UK?

This text is written on 19th March 2019. The Brexit is supposed to take place on 29th March 2019, but at this moment it is still very unclear what will happen at that moment. It is unclear whether or not the UK will leave the EU, and if so, how the exit will be handled. However, whether it will be a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ Brexit: there will be changes anyway. Although we are still assuming a trade agreement, we are also preparing for a United Kingdom exit from the EU without a deal. Below is a checklist of what is going to happen in the case of a so-called ‘hard brexit without a deal‘.

Packages for UK will have to pass through customs, so take into account a possible extra duration of minimum 1 day (if all goes well). The final duration will depend on smooth processing at customs and on the fact that the addressee pays the VAT and import taxes on time. Packages to Ireland and Northern Ireland also pass through the UK, which means that an extra day also has to be added here. Packages to Ireland are not subject to customs controls.

Estimated throughput time for packages to the United Kingdom: 2 to 4 business days
Estimated throughput time for packages to Ireland: 3 to 5 business days

If the UK leaves the EU, then this means that British customers no longer have to pay Belgian VAT (21%). Check our VAT test article to verify you are seeing the correct price.

As is common within the UK, the recipient will be responsible for the payment of the import duties (if applicable), as well as the administration costs (estimated to be 5.00 GBP). UK customers will also have to pay import VAT on packages ordered in the EU. You can find more information about this at

Package recipients in the UK will receive a payment request with a secure payment link as soon as the package is scanned at customs. Therefore it is important that UK customers provide a working email address, which is checked on a regular basis!

No import duties are due for all packages with a value lower than 135 GBP, only import VAT. Attention: the recipient has 5 calendar days to arrange the payment. If he does not do this, the package will be irrevocably returned to the sender. Any costs related to returned packages will have to be paid by the customer. Resending fully paid but ultimately non-deliverable packages will unfortunately not be possible. If a package gets returned from the UK, then The Canyon Store will refund the payment minus the shipping and handling costs, with a minimum of 10 euro.

Given the lack of clarity about the way in which UK will leave the EU, there is currently no view on any adjusted shipping rates to UK. As soon as more is known about this, we will inform you accordingly.

The text above is applicable on all orders which arrive in the UK on or after 29th March 2019 at 11 pm UK time. Packages shipped on (e.g.) 27th or 28th March will probably arrive after 29th March and will hence be subject to the new regulations, even though they were ordered/shipped before the Brexit.

Update 11/04/2019: The United Kingdom is granted an extension until 31th October. In other words, 1st November 2019 is the new Brexit day.

Can I follow my order throughout your logistics process?

Yes, you can log in to your account and follow what is going on with your order.

Your order can have one of the following order statuses:

  • Pending payment: we have not yet received your payment. Most commonly this is because you selected direct bank transfer.
  • Processing: we have received your order and payment, and your order will be prepared for shipping soon.
  • Order Picking: the people in the warehouse are physically handling your order and preparing it for shipping. At this moment the order cannot be changed anymore, since it may already have been packed.
  • Shipped: your order has been labeled and shipped. At this point we cannot change your order anymore, since it has already left the warehouse.
  • Completed: according to our tracking information your order was delivered, so the order is completed.
  • Cancelled: your order has been cancelled, either by the customer or the shop owner (e.g. because no payment was received, or the goods are no longer available).
  • Refunded: your money has been paid back, e.g. because the order was cancelled, or it was lost in transit (and cannot be resent again).

I placed an order several weeks ago and it still did not arrive. What gives?

Here at The Canyon Store we do our best to inform the customer of the progress of their order. As soon as the package leaves our warehouse we inform the client of the tracking code, and tracking website where they can follow their shipment. Usually this will be DPD or Bpost.

Unfortunately, once the package has been shipped it is out of our control. Millions of packages get shipped worldwide every day, and the vast majority of them arrive on time and undamaged. However, sometimes it happens that a package gets stuck in the process….

At our side we try to follow up the parcels after they’ve been shipped, but sometimes we miss the fact that your parcel has become “stuck” somewhere. If you notice that your parcel is “At parcel delivery centre” or “Sorting” or “In transit” for an unusually long time, please contact us. We can contact our account manager at DPD or Bpost and launch an investigation.

If the investigation shows that your package is in fact lost in transit, then we will contact you (the customer) for further follow up. This can be a refund, a new shipment with other items, a new shipment with the same articles, or store credit for future use. Regrettably, these investigations can take several weeks, especially when shipped outside the EU! Please note that we cannot give you a refund or ship other articles until we receive an official and formal conclusion of the investigation. It has happened the package suddenly pops up after a few weeks in the sorting process, and then still gets delivered.


When will my goods be shipped?

Orders which are placed before 2 PM CET (Central European Time) are handled and shipped with BPost the same day. The conditions which apply are that all articles must be in stock (see the FAQ on Backordered items) and that the order is paid electronically.

We cannot guarantee same day shipments on orders which arrive after 2 PM (CET). Orders are treated on business days (i.e., Monday to Friday, except public holidays). Orders which arrive on a public holiday or in the weekend are handled the next business day.

Articles which are paid by bank transfer will be handled and shipped at the moment that the payment has been cleared on our bank account. On average this takes two days for payments within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) – quite often it takes just one day, but sometimes it takes three days.

Some of the products are listed as being on backorder. If I place an order today, will the entire order ship at once when backordered items become available or will I receive separate shipments?

Most backordered items are back in stock in a reasonable time, i.e. between one and three weeks. As long as the delay is less than three weeks then the order will be shipped as one package as soon as all items are available. Should the delay become more than three weeks, then we will contact you to see what we can do. By default, all orders are shipped as one package.

Do you know about how long it usually takes to ship to the United States?

On average it takes 10 business days to ship to the USA. This is an average, based on past experience. However, please note that the US Customs department has the right to detain and inspect a package. This happens rarely, but it can happen, and there’s nothing we can do about that. If they do detain a package it may take up to four weeks before a package arrives. So in summary, expect arrival in 10 days, but don’t be surprised if it takes a month.

What is the speed of delivery? How fast will I get my goods?

Speed of delivery fluctuates heavily, especially when shipping outside the European Union. Delivery in Europe takes anything between 2 days (neighbouring countries) and 2 weeks. Shipping worldwide may take anything between 1 and 4 weeks. cannot influence the transit times. is no longer responsible for the package once it has been shipped. considers it essential that the customer is kept updated, insofar as is possible, about the status of their order. The order is confirmed by email, while the customer is also informed when the order is processed and given the tracking number, which means that the customer is continuously updated on the progress of the order.