Aventure Verticale Bypass (20L) (AVCA2802)

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AV Bypass (20L) (AVCA2802)

Bag description:

Emergency bag (“kit boule”) for canyoning with 2 openings. Back lined and foamed. Adjustable shoulder straps in 25mm flat webbing. Water evacuation via a large grille along the entire front of the bag. Closure by eyelets, 4mm cord and cordstop. Two encased handles. This canyoning kit bag has a volume of 20L. Back in Cordura.

This AV Bypass bag will be replaced by the newer Aventure Verticale Bypass model with a PVC back.

Weight of this bag: 360 g

Colour: Red/white

Indication of rope length that fits in a backpack:

Volume 22 l = approximately 70 m rope
Volume 27 l = approximately 90 m rope
Volume 36 l = approximately 120 m rope
Volume 37 l = approximately 120 m rope
Volume 40 l = approximately 130 m rope
Volume 45 l = approximately 150 m rope
Volume 55 l = approximately 180 m rope


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