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Combo Pack 2: “Ready for Adventure”

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Edelrid Irupu canyoning harness

EDELRID has a new canyoneering harness: the Irupu. The Irupu has a user-friendly design and also features a replaceable seat protector. And there is a particular point of interest – the wear indicators. The webbing contains a red wear indicator thread that become visible to show when the harness should be replaced.
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Basic Nature waterproof barrel (3.6L)

Air and watertight containers for all possible (and impossible) articles of equipment. The propeller shaped lid contains a rubber ring which allows a simple yet effective closure, even after years of use. For provisions - no problem, foodsafe. Almost unbreakable and tightly sealed with a 'grippy' screw lid. Ideal for canyoning but also for canoe and kayak tours,  and on many other activities. Stacking possible. Material: Polyethylen.

Edelrid Rope Tooth Single Hand Knife

High-quality stainless steel knife. Large swivel hole for attaching to harness or backpack with carabiner. Locking blade (partly serrated).
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Combo Pack 2: “Ready for Adventure”

This combo pack contains the basic gear you need to go canyoning on your own. Included in this pack is an Edelrid Irupu canyon harness with lanyard, two Stubai figure of eight, and three AustriAlpin HMS carabiners. Furthermore it contains a Rodcle 45L backpack, a 3.6L waterproof barrel, a first aid kit and two slings (60 cm/120 cm).


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