Combo Pack: Petzl bolting kit with Perfo Spe

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Petzl Boltbag - C11 A

1 x Petzl boltbag

In stock
Petzl Tamtam

1 x Petzl Tam Tam

In stock
Petzl perfo spe

1 x Petzl Perfo Spe

In stock

10 x Petzl Cheville autoforeuse

In stock
Petzl vrillee

5 x Petzl Vrillée

In stock
Petzl maillon rapide no. 7 (GO)

5 x Maillon Rapide G.O. No.7 (Steel/Acier)

In stock


Combo Pack: Petzl bolting kit with Perfo Spe

Complete bolting kit, consisting of the following items:

  • 1 x Petzl Boltbag, to keep your kit together
  • 1 x Petzl Tam Tam caving hammer, designed for placing bolt anchors with a hand drill.
  • 1 x Petzl Perfo Spe, drill for self-drilling anchor bits.
  • 10 x Petzl cheville autoforeuse (self-drilling anchor bits). You need two to three self-drilling bits to make a hole, depending on the softness/hardness of the rock. This is why we include twice as many anchor bits as anchor plates.
  • 5 x Petzl Vrillée lightweight bolt hanger plates with 8mm bolt, for use with the cheville autoforeuse.
  • 5 x Maillon rapide no 7, to be used on the bolt hanger, to avoid that your rope gets cut/damaged on the sharp edge of the anchor plate.


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