Kong Banana

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Kong Banana


Descender for speleologists with fixed wheels, designed to descent with a single rope.
The Banana descender offers several characteristics that make it more handy and reliable in comparison to the conventional tools.
We may say it was designed keeping in mind the several arrangements that speleologists normally use in order to control the descent speed, and to balance the different diameters and wear conditions of the rope.
The sidelong location of the upper locking pin, makes easier the engagement-disengagement of ropes with bigger diameters and, moreover, it helps taking in the slack rope upwards of the tool.The fixed wheels may be swapped each other, or rotated of 180° so as to equally spread the wear and tear. Anyway, the side plates that protect them, are large enough to reduce the risk coming from knocks, which may be more dangerous as the tool is worn out.
Its ingenious geometry and the position taken under load, give to this descender a very high braking power. That’s why the real experts may even use it without the conventional “brake connector”. In this case they pay attention to stop the descent in safety by means of a simplified blocking-hitch.
The skilled speleologists, who have been charged to estimate the Banana descender, have mostly appreciated its behaviour under load, for its very high steadiness against turn-over hazard.
They have also acknowledged that, throughout rope operations, its trouble-free handling fulfils the requirements of the most advanced speleological practices.
High quality product completely developed and produced in Italy.
Tested piece by piece.
Article code 81201C400KK
Certifications CE EN 1496/B
Material Alu alloy
Weight (g) 230
Colour Yellow
Main dimension (mm) 193
Minimum rope diameter (mm) 9
Maximum rope diameter (mm) 13


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