Singing Rock EXTASY Screwgate carabiner

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Singing Rock EXTASY Screwgate carabiner

Straight gate carabiner with screwgate

  • Great general purpose carabiner for the bolt end of a quickdraw or for racking gear
  • Color elox
  • Gate opening (d) 17mm
  • Minor axis 8 kN
  • Open gate 10 kN
  • Strenght: Closed gate 25 kN
  • Weight 47 g (1.645 oz)

Robust, universal carabiner with key lock for easy clipping on gear loops and effortless handling.

  • Sctewgate (screw lock)
  • key lock
  • excellent strenght to weight ratio
  • weight transferred to the carabiner body

Key Lock

The nose of the carabiners is shaped in an ergonomic design to avoid gear getting trapped on it.

Key-lock for easy manipulation

Key lock is extremely simple and ingenious, locking system that solves the problems associated with the traditional design of carabiners.
It eliminates any risk of ropes or tapes becoming entangled in the lever or in the carabiner shell when it is being connected or released.
Neither the lever, which is completely cylindrical, nor the shell has any sharp edges.
Ropes and slings do not, therefore, come into contact with any cutting edges.


  • key locks
  • ergonomic design
  • hot forged
  • forged marking
  • friendly motion of gates
  • screwgate

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