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Professione Canyon – Genius (caving and canyoning harness)

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Professione Canyon GENIUS

The Genius is the first harness designed for caving and canyoning.

It is simple, minimalist and effective.

It is a harness designed for you, for your safety, for comfort, to be adapted to your needs.

The basic version comes with leg loops that are adjustable on both sides, so as to support the legs well and distribute equally the load transmitted from the main attachment to the harness and therefore to the body. If worn, they can be replaced with new ones supplied by the manufacturer, without having to buy a new harness.
We have eliminated the “classic” main attachment point, usually made of textile tape, which is destined to wear out, by making it of metal sewn into the harness belt itself, and free to slide, right – left, with a range limited to 8-9 cm.
The textile tape fuse, 5 cm long and tested at 15 kN, can be replaced in case of wear and, above all, can be cut in the event of a block on the user’s rope. At the same time you keep the possibility of having a certified and barycentric attachment point (the metal ring) that can be used by the rescuer.
A ‘universal’ material holder, attached to the belt in a removable manner, so that the user can position it on the right or left according to his or her needs and habits. In any case, it will always be possible to attach a second one sold separately.

A new lumbar belt has been designed for this harness.
The lumbar belt is a removable accessory, useful for canyoneers and cavers who frequent more demanding routes in terms of suspension, where comfort makes all the difference. In addition, guides who offer their clients predominantly vertical routes will find the lumbar support to be a friend that can be used when needed, by attaching it to the harness only when the harness belt alone is not sufficient to provide adequate comfort.

The “bilbo 28” ring, which can be opened, can be positioned next to the non-opening ring (the main attachment at 15kN) with service functions such as:

  • positioning of the ventral ascender (the bilbo 28 is supplied with a rubber o-ring to protect the shear effect that the ascender has on the surface of the bilbo 28)
  • positioning of the load both ascending and descending
  • positioning of a carabiner to modulate the braking system.

WARNING: the bilbo 28 ring that can be opened is not PPE, it has a breaking strength of 10 kN. It cannot be used for purposes other than those indicated in the information sheet.

Try it, you will be amazed!


  • Basic version: without lumbar belt, without additional “bilbo 28” ring, one material holder
  • Full option: with lumbar belt, with additional “bilbo 28” ring, two material holders


Made in Italy

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Weight 1 kg

Basic version, Full option


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