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15 Years The Canyon Store

In January 2023 the Canyon Store will exist 15 years… So over the period October 2022 till December 2023 we will give away a number of small and large prizes.

Rules and conditions:

  1. The giveaway can consist of different formats.
  2. The monthly competition can be anounced via social media (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram,…), newsletter, or another medium.
  3. The prize will be awarded in the form of a coupon, entitling you (for example) to a free item. It is up to the winner to actually place an order and add the won item to the basket.
  4. The winners can exchange their coupon within 6 months after ending the contest. If the coupon is not exchanged within this period, then the coupon will be discarded. The winner(s) will receive a reminder (by email) 7 days before expiration date.
  5. The coupon is linked to the winner’s email address. The coupon can be transferred to another customer, but only on explicit written request of the winner. This will not change the validity period of the coupon.
  6. If for some reason the item won is out of stock and cannot be re-ordered, The Canyon Store reserves the right to offer another item of the same value in its place.
  7. The prize/coupon cannot be exchanged for money.
  8. The winning customer is liable for shipping costs and any potential import duties.
  9. There will be no communication about this contest.

15 Years


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