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Photograph contest 2021

Seland Escalo jacket and long john

Photograph contest 2021! Send us your best canyoning picture and win 150 euro shopping credit!

Rules and conditions:

  1. Contestants must send a high resolution picture via email to, minimum 300 dpi, 1600 x 1200 pixels minimum. Photographs must arrive no later than 15 September 2021 at 23:59h (UTC+2). High resolution pictures can be large in size, so feel free to send them with WeTransfer or a similar file transfer service.
  2. If objects of shooting include people other than applicants and/or copyrighted works, please obtain consent from that person or the owner of the copyright. The Canyon Store will not bear any responsibility if any problem arises in the use of the posted photograph, such as copyright of the photographer, infringement of the right of the portrait right of the photographer.
  3. Received pictures will be posted in a dedicated album on the Facebook page of The Canyon Store, and can be used by The Canyon Store on social media, websites, or other (commercial or non-commercial) applications.
  4. The contest must have a minimum of 10 entries (from different participants) before any prizes can be awarded.
  5. A minimum of 12, and a maximum of 15 entries will be selected from the entries that meet the criteria (minimum 300 dpi, 1600 x 1200 pixels minimum, canyoning related). The goal of this selection is that the pictures get used in a calendar or similar item. These selected entries will receive a shopping credit worth 75 euro (incl 21% VAT) per picture, with a maximum of 150 euro (incl 21% VAT) per participant.
  6. The Canyon Store will have the right to refuse entries, without further explanation. This can be because the picture is low quality, contains a logo of one of our competitors, shows an unsafe practice, or is not consistent with our standards and values. Images that infringe privacy, portrait rights and/or publicity rights of others will not be allowed either.
  7. The Canyon Store will have the right to use all received pictures for commercial use, including but not limited to using the picture on calendars, publications, advertisements, stickers, social media. By transferring the picture to the participant agrees to this use.
  8. Participants can send a maximum of three pictures, so choose wisely. If a participant enters multiple pictures, then multiple pictures of said participant can get selected. The participant has the right to withdraw a picture and replace it with a new entry. If multiple pictures of a participant are selected, then this participant receives a maximum of 150 euro shopping credit (incl 21% VAT).
  9. The winners can exchange their coupon within 6 months after ending the contest. If the coupon is not exchanged within this period, then the coupon will be discarded. The winner(s) will receive a reminder (by email) 7 days before expiration date.
  10. The coupon is linked to the winner’s email address. The coupon can be transferred to another customer, but only on explicit written request of the winner. This will not change the validity period of the coupon.
  11. The prize/coupon cannot be exchanged for money.
  12. The winning customer is liable for shipping costs and any potential import duties.
  13. There will be no communication about the photo contest.


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