I received the wrong product. Now what?

If you placed your order from our online shop and received the wrong product, please ask for a refund via your account page.

We still work with humans in our warehouse (yeah, we know, that’s so twentieth century!) and humans make mistakes. The most common mistakes are wrong sizes, or wrong colors. Light blue instead of dark blue, extra large instead of large… Very important, if the box arrived damages and/or appears to have been opened, let us know and definitely take pictures before unpacking the box.

The first thing you need to do is contact us, by phone or preferably by mail. Please send us as much information as possible. Include your order number, which product you ordered and what you received instead. Include pictures of the product label(s), and the picking slip.

We will then investigate in our warehouse, and amongst others do a count of our stock, check the weight of the outgoing box (each outbound order is weighed and registered) and see if this weight corresponds with the correct/incorrect articles.  If the investigation shows that the wrong article has indeed been sent, we will contact you and figure out a way to rectify this. This can be a return label, or a proposal to keep the wrong product at a discounted rate.

If you receive an incorrect product and do not warn us within fourteen (14) days of receipt thereof, then we will consider this an act of acceptance of the received product in lieu of the ordered article.

Please note that if you have received an incorrect product, you do not automatically have the right to keep this product “for free”. We will send you the correct item, and/or refund you. We will also propose that you keep the incorrect item (at a discounted rate), or send you a return label. We expect the customer to return the inadvertently received articles within seven (7) days after receipt of the return label. Keeping a product which is not your property without permision, even if you have mistakenly received it, is known as embezzlement.