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Static rope Kordas FINA 8.5 mm (Titan system)

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Static rope Kordas FINA 8.5 mm (Titan system)

Type B (EN-1891)

The lightest and of least volume semi-static rope. For use by experts and perfect for expeditions and explorations. Its TITAN SYSTEM manufacture and highly resistant sheath offer safety features far higher than would be expected from its reduced size.

It should be pointed out that this is a Type B semi-static rope with characteristics greatly superior to a Type L rope.

The TITAN System is far more than a finishing, is a patented rope manufacturing system which provides significant improvements on the rope. Until now, ropes used in the field of climbing and safety have been constructed made up basically of 2 structures, the core and the sheath.
The Titan system incorporates a third structure constitued by a series of filaments running parallel to the rope axis inside the sheath structure, thus transforming it into an element of “armour plating”. In a conventional rope the sheath filaments follow a helicoidal pattern and all pass through the same laterial section of the rope in spirals a few centimetres apart. consequently, if the rope suffers damage on one side, serious abrasion of som 5 or 10 cm in lenght for example, all of the sheath’s filaments will be affected and it runs therisk of tearing.One of the advantatges inherent in the ropes manufatured using the TITAN System is that even if the sheath undergoes longitudinal damage it does not tear.

  • Diameter 8.5 mm
  • Material PA (polyamid)
  • Relative mass of sheath 42.7%
  • Rope elongation 4.8%
  • Strength 20,30 kN
  • Type B
  • Weight 48 g/m
  • Shrink 0%
  • Sheath slippage 0%
  • EN 1891:1998 certified
  • The rope does not need wetting before use, as it is pre-shrunk at the factory. From the reel directly to the vertical.
  • Lengths available:
    • 60 meter
    • 70 meter
    • 100 meter
    • 200 meter
  • Colours:
    • red

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Weight N/A

40 meter, 50 meter, 60 meter, 70 meter, 100 meter, 200 meter


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