I made a mistake in my order. Can you still adapt it?

Unfortunately, we cannot do this. Once an order is placed then the invoice is created automatically and cannot be adapted anymore.

If we manually change the order (i.e. adapt the picking order) then this will create differences between the invoice and the contents of the box.  This in turn will, without a doubt, create issues with the customs department. This is especially important for export orders (shipped outside the EU).

Furthermore changing the order manually will create stock differences between the warehouse and the online system.

If you have made a mistake, and the order is not yet picked/packed/shipped, then we can put the order on hold, (partially) cancel and (partially) refund the incorrect articles. You, the customer, will then have to place a new order. Often it is easiest to cancel the whole order and place it again in its totality.

If the order is already packed/shipped then we cannot do anything. In that case we refer to our return policy.