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SFD8 (Double Figure of 8 descender)

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Double Figure of 8 descender (SFD8)

The SFD8 is a versatile descender that improves on the performance of a normal figure of eight descender, and is highly valued in canyoning, especially for those who already have a refined technique and know how to get the most out of this descender.

The SFD8 is an equipped descender designed for canyoning invented, developed and produced in France.

It allows you to descend safely by facilitating progression on a rope thanks to its characteristics.

In addition to being a descender now recognized worldwide for its versatility and ease of use, the SFD8 is a real equipement for perform many equipment techniques.

It revolutionizes the disengageable reminder in particular thanks to the JOKER technique, which makes it possible to equip a vertical easily and safely with incomparable ease of use!


The evolution of techniques and equipment during the last fifteen years has been characterized by increasingly complex products in the design and use. The SFD8, however, has kept Simplicity as base principle for its design.

The result of this reflection is a product of simple design for easier use of techniques. Originally designed for canyoning, but has now been introduced in other activities, such as caving and climbing too.

The Double Eight can be used with all types of carabiners. We recommend using as a descending carabiner an HMS type with safety closure.


New model, production year 2022: more rounded, anodized colors, less weight

Weight: 120 g (versus approx. 130 g average for a classic figure of eight)

Breaking strength: 38.5kn

Dimensions: 177 mm x 74 mm (versus approx 145 mm x 74 mm for a classic figure of eight)

Thickness: 10 mm

These dimensions allow less encumbrance than the classic figure of eight when the SFD8 is worn hooked through the central hole.


Click here to download the user manual (in french, PDF)


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