Do you refund the return costs?

No, we do not. The terms and conditions clearly state that the cost of returning items is borne by the customer. This is also detailed in our FAQ about the return policy.

However, if you have paid with Paypal then you can ask a refund of the shipping costs from Paypal. See for the exact terms and conditions. This is a service offered by Paypal (not The Canyon Store!), and only valid for orders paid with Paypal. Again, this service is offered by Paypal (not The Canyon Store) and you should contact them for the exact details.


I received the wrong product. Now what?

If you placed your order from our online shop and received the wrong product, please contact us and we’ll help you with the return and/or refund process.

We still work with humans in our warehouse (yeah, we know, that’s so twentieth century!) and humans make mistakes. The most common mistakes are wrong sizes, or wrong colors. Light blue instead of dark blue, extra large instead of large… Very important, if the box arrived damages and/or appears to have been opened, let us know and definitely take pictures before unpacking the box.

The first thing you need to do is contact us, by phone or preferably by mail. Please send us as much information as possible. Include your order number, which product you ordered and what you received instead. Include pictures of the product label(s), and the picking slip.

We will then investigate in our warehouse, and amongst others do a count of our stock, check the weight of the outgoing box (each outbound order is weighed and registered) and see if this weight corresponds with the correct/incorrect articles.  If the investigation shows that the wrong article has indeed been sent, we will contact you and figure out a way to rectify this. This can be a return label, or a proposal to keep the wrong product at a discounted rate.

If you receive an incorrect product and do not warn us within fourteen (14) days of receipt thereof, then we will consider this an act of acceptance of the received product in lieu of the ordered article.

Please note that if you have received an incorrect product, you do not automatically have the right to keep this product “for free”. We will send you the correct item, and/or refund you. We will also propose that you keep the incorrect item (at a discounted rate), or send you a return label. We expect the customer to return the inadvertently received articles within seven (7) days after receipt of the return label. Keeping a product which is not your property without permision, even if you have mistakenly received it, is known as embezzlement.

I placed an order several weeks ago and it still did not arrive. What gives?

Here at The Canyon Store we do our best to inform the customer of the progress of their order. As soon as the package leaves our warehouse we inform the client of the tracking code, and tracking website where they can follow their shipment. Usually this will be DPD or Bpost.

Unfortunately, once the package has been shipped it is out of our control. Millions of packages get shipped worldwide every day, and the vast majority of them arrive on time and undamaged. However, sometimes it happens that a package gets stuck in the process….

At our side we try to follow up the parcels after they’ve been shipped, but sometimes we miss the fact that your parcel has become “stuck” somewhere. If you notice that your parcel is “At parcel delivery centre” or “Sorting” or “In transit” for an unusually long time, please contact us. We can contact our account manager at DPD or Bpost and launch an investigation.

If the investigation shows that your package is in fact lost in transit, then we will contact you (the customer) for further follow up. This can be a refund, a new shipment with other items, a new shipment with the same articles, or store credit for future use. Regrettably, these investigations can take several weeks, especially when shipped outside the EU! Please note that we cannot give you a refund or ship other articles until we receive an official and formal conclusion of the investigation. It has happened the package suddenly pops up after a few weeks in the sorting process, and then still gets delivered.


Can I return goods? Or exchange them?


The customer has the right to inspect the items upon receipt. The customer is entitled to cancel (part of) the order within fourteen (14) days of receipt thereof, period starting on the day following the day of receipt. The items must be returned undamaged and (where possible) in their original packaging, along with the labels, stickers, etc. The costs for returning the items are always borne by the customer!

All returns and cancellations must be announced in writing within fourteen (14) days of receipt, period starting on the day following the day of receipt. The customer must ship the unwanted items to our warehouse within fourteen (14) days after announcing the return. Do not return goods to the company seat! Returns and cancellations are to be sent to the warehouse only! We highly recommend that goods are returned with a tracking code!

Address of the warehouse:
Webship, attn of CanyonStore
Oudenaardestraat 84 gate 51
8570 Vichte (Belgium)

Note that returns/cancellations which are announced after the grace period of fourteen (14) days (upon receipt) may or may not be taken into consideration. This will be examined case by case.

Returned items or (partially) cancelled orders will be repaid within fourteen (14) days after receiving the returned goods. The repayment will be done through the same channel as the original payment was received. The Canyon Store does not charge fees or extras for cancellations or returned goods.

The consumer has the right to unpack the goods, inspect the goods, verify that the size is right, the color of the product matches the color of their eyes, etc. However, if the products are affected by an impairment resulting from the handling of the goods that goes beyond what was necessary to determine the nature, the characteristics and the functioning of the goods, the consumer will be responsible for this. The Canyon Store is entitled to reduce the reimbursement proportionally to reflect this impairment. For example, trying on a pair of shoes in your living room to see if they fit is okay. Trying on a pair of shoes and going on a long walk outside to see if they fit is beyond what is necessary.

Note that personalised items and items specifically tailored to a customer cannot be cancelled or returned. This may include such items as (non-exhaustive list) neoprene suits made to fit, shoes very small or large sizes (such as shoe size 47 or above, shoe size 35 or below for adults,…), laser engraved carabiners, items which are not part of our regular product range, etc.

Our company guarantees quality and service. Should, despite all our efforts and checks, items be delivered that do not meet your demands or that do not reach you in an undamaged condition, we request that you submit a complaint in writing to our Customer Service department (BVBA Unit05 IT Services, Capucienenstraat 14, 3545 Halen). If you have a problem with goods or services you purchased online, and we cannot reach an amiable solution, please be advised that you can use the European ODR platform to make a complaint and have it resolved by an independent dispute resolution body. For more information, please check

Return Policy & Cancellation (for business customers)

Under European law business customers do not have the right to cancel orders or return items. The right to cancel (part of) the order within fourteen (14) days of receipt thereof does not apply to business customers.

Business customers who wish to return/cancel (part of) an order should contact The Canyon Store in writing within fourteen (14) days of receipt, period starting on the day following the day of receipt. These requests may or may not be taken into consideration. This will be examined case by case. The Canyon Store retains the privilege to accept or reject requests for cancellation/return from business customers.

Business customers are defined as clients who enter company details in their invoicing data, i.e. enter a VAT-number and/or company name for the invoicing. This includes non-profit organisations, and as such includes fire departments, governmental agencies, universities, health care organisations, etc. Quite obviously business customers also include for-profit organisations (commercial companies), even if their main goal is not related to canyoning (example: an arborist who buys a canyoning backpack, a travel agent who buys a pair of shoes for personal use but asks to be invoiced on his company).